#BONES ‘The Fury in the Jury’ Editorial by @MoxieGirl44

Enough can’t be said about Bones’ Friday debut brought to us in the form of a wonderfully delightful episode, ‘The Fury in the Jury’.

I sat up to the wee hours of the morning ruminating on some of the finer points of last nights ‘The Fury in the Jury’ episode, pouring perhaps way more into my official ScreenSpy review than necessary. As such, much of the more editorial sections of that publication were left on the cutting room floor. In this less formal setting, I give you the quick and dirty of those thoughts that kept me awake for so long!

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My ScreenSpy Review is entitled … Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Bones “The Fury in the Jury’ Review”, the remainder of which can be found on that site.

The paragraph intended to segue into my foray into the finer points was the following:

‘In “The Fury in the Jury,” the Brennan-Booth chemistry was understated and sweet, making several satisfying appearances. Of note was the phone conversation during which they lament being apart while Brennan is sequestered. The final scene, with Brennan clearing the dinner dishes and Booth assembling a banana split, is equally sweet as they discuss how well they fit together. I’m Yin(g) and you’re Yang. Sweet.’

Here are the remainder of my thoughts on the episode:

Even more delightful were the discussions in the car. The first scene hit the mark for its flirtatious affection and for Booth’s wonderfully happy grin which was reminiscent of the joyful smiles of marital bliss he wore in “The End in the Beginning’s” coma dream.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.28.31 PM

The Brennan-Booth chemistry is a key determinant of the success or failure of an episode. There continues to be fandom controversy over the lack of bedroom scenes ever since Brennan and Booth became romantic partners off screen at the end of season six.

In seasons seven and eight, it looked as if Brennan and Booth would never reach their romantic stride, or, heaven forbid, were incapable of reaching it. Disgruntled audiences balked at the infrequency or altogether lack of affection. Why? Would the blatant sexuality of the two key characters increase the quality of cases, imbue the story lines with more compelling intrigue, or provide the characters with a depth not otherwise attainable? None of that was lacking. What the episodes lacked was a sense of harmony between Brennan and Booth. This was challenging to overlook as Bones’ characters are so relatable and so deeply loved that fans became heavily invested, passionate, and possessive about their relationship.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.25.52 PM

Continually impressive about Bones is its unwavering adherence to the dream of its creators who, it has been proven tie and again, know exactly what they are doing. As a direct result of their stubbornness, or wisdom, or luck, everything that is happening in the franchise this very moment has become possible. Think about that for a moment: the trajectory that got us here, got us here because of the exact trajectory it took. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Basically, it’s a twist on God bless the broken road that brought me straight to you. So, there you have it. Amen, Alleluia.

This entire season in general, and “The Fury in the Jury” in particular, is proof of that. Bones has hit its stride in season nine, knocking episode after episode out of the park. This is precisely why FOX is confident in Bones’ ability to bolster primetime Friday viewership. In return for not storming the studio like the zombie apocalypse from hell to demand a return to Monday’s lineup, Bones fans are hoping for an early announcement of a tenth season. How about it, ladies and gentleman?

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.28.41 PM

A big part of the stride Bones has reached is because of their recent commitment to be together for thirty, or forty, or fifty years. Since Brennan’s marriage proposal, she’s become more expressive in her interactions with Booth. She smiles broadly at Booth, almost as if she’s surprised (and delighted) to find that a piece of paper does actually make a difference. (Hint: it’s not the paper that makes a difference, it’s the declared commitment).

For Booth, as evidenced in the honeymoon episode, rather than bickering (much) about Brennan’s choice of entertainment (investigating a murder case) he goes along because he’s willing to do ‘anything for my bride.’ How sweet was that? In “The Fury in the Jury,” Booth rolled with Brennan’s need to go to the lab after a day in court. Done deal. Massage, or something *wink, wink*, was put on hold for later … probably after eating the banana split.

‘So, things are going well in happily ever after, and guess what, it was still a fascinating episode. As a matter of fact, it was an outstanding episode.’ 

There you have it. For the rest of the review, check out our ScreenSpy page here!

What did you think about the B&B chemistry last night and in retrospect over the last several seasons?


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4 Responses to #BONES ‘The Fury in the Jury’ Editorial by @MoxieGirl44

  1. @crystallemae says:

    Loved this! And I know people were worried about how things would go after the wedding…but I LOVED Friday night’s episode. I really couldn’t find something terrible with it that I didn’t like. I liked how Brennan actually helped the Jury and the writers didn’t make her look like an annoying know-it-all to a crazy extreme. The whole jury dynamic was amusing but yet good! I’m glad that they are still continuing to address Cam’s identity issue. That looks like a story line that will be personal but yet character developing and interesting. Kudos to the Bones writers on this one definitely!

    As always MoxieGirl44 your reviews are amazing and you manage to put words onto paper that I cannot always form correctly! You rock!


  2. dovepage says:

    As usual you hit all the key points and pushed my buttons on this show, I should just stop reading all other reviewers and listen only to you. It is so refreshing to see, fangirl that you are, who can step back and write a professional, intuitive review without it turning into a gushing blogger fangirl review. Thank you for all your efforts.


  3. Diane W says:

    I just watched the episode and I agree with you that Brennan is so happy and the chemistry is there. They are middle aged, they know each other much more intimately than the young couples. They allude to a great ‘private’ sex life and a deep binding love and affection for each other. Their relationship comes off as genuine.

    I love your take on each episode. Great reviews.

    Diane W.


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