#BONES Related: About Curtis Gillespie’s Hart Hanson



This image has nothing to do with my commentary except that Hart Hanson is in it … and I happen to love it. Articles need colorful pictures, right? Well, there you go.

Curtis Gillespie’s Eighteen Bridges article about Hart Hanson, “In Profile: The Populist – Hart Hanson thought he’d end up teaching college on Vancouver Island. He was wrong,” is so well written it makes my mouth water. The writing is rich and resonant, resplendent with words that fall out of the page onto your lap in a pile of colorful toys. And chocolate mousse. For this same reason, I love the writers of Vanity Fair … the articles are deliciously descriptive and impeccably researched … and lengthy. A veritable double latte of pop culture literature peppered with sex and haute couture-quality fantasies.

I am so green with envy I could piss myself. The ambitious swath of self-importance running through my veins would gladly sell my family to have the opportunity to write like that … or work in that world with Hart Hanson. He is to creativity what this writer is to the English language … a scrumptious once-in-a-lifetime kaleidoscope of pure genius.

This is my favorite paragraph so far …

Near the end of the conversation, the suit made a suggestion Hanson strenuously objected to, but which hierarchy and diplomacy compelled him to respond to with: “Okay…that’s an interesting suggestion…I guess we could always consider that.” However, as he’d uttered these words, he’d stood up, extracted his penis from his trousers and begun to whap it against the phone, against the cradled handset, against the number buttons. Nathan did all he could to contain his laughter until the call ended a few seconds later, at which point he and Hanson laughed so hard their stomachs hurt and tears formed. But then, as if governed by a switch, Nathan stopped laughing, his face suddenly an ashen mask. He stopped laughing because he remembered they were seated in his office. And that that was his phone.”

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2 Responses to #BONES Related: About Curtis Gillespie’s Hart Hanson

  1. Conrad Gordon says:

    Dr. B is always talking about how intelligent she is, I was wondering what her IQ was and I was also wondering what would happen if she met someone with an IQ that was literally off the charts. Not in an antagonistic way but is a friendly way. Maybe like someone new living next door of working in the physics department of one of the colleges. If you are interested I have an IQ that cannot be measured and hold 3 Ph.Ds, 3 Masters and one bachelors. I also retired from the U.S. Army as a full Colonel. Anyway, I am sorry for sounding like I am bragging but I was just giving trying to give an example. One that was different from that squint know it all you had on one of the earlier shows.

    Thank your for your time,


    • Conrad – Brennan has been confronted with a couple of individuals whose intellect matches hers and it always frustrates her. The most memorable, of course, is Dr. Oliver Wells. My understanding is that Fischer is highly gifted as well. This season we’ll see Brennan confronted by brilliant Dr. Beth Mayer who will be played by Betty White. If Dr. Mayer is anything like other characters White has played, she will be able to put Brennan in her place in sow seconds flat. That episode will air October 22nd in the United States.

      Thank you for writing in!



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