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#BONES Imaginings: The Culture in the Club, Ch 2

I do not own Bones or these characters. This is a work of fan fiction. No FBI agents or entomologists were harmed during the making of this story. Enjoy.   Chapter 2 “Hank!” Shouts Max Keenan, walking toward the back of the … Continue reading

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#Bones Season 9 Fall Interview: Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan

Pelant The Evil Little Troll Caroline’s pet name for Christopher Pelant proves wildly apropos as the ‘evil little troll’ continues to antagonize Booth and the team.“Pelant figures in their lives quite heavily in the first few episodes,” confirmed Nathan. Asked how the team … Continue reading

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#CovertAffairs’ Perabo & Gorham Dish Infidelity Fallout, Season 4 Finale & More

How on earth will this situation resolve in the remaining forty-three minutes of season four? Perabo, the star of Covert Affairs who plays Annie Walker, and Gorham, her counterpart who plays Auggie Anderson, spoke about a finale bombshell that promises … Continue reading

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#Bones EP On Brennan’s New Obsession, Cam’s Crucible & The Ghost Killer

Brennan and Booth, Happily Ever After? Through a series of challenging cases involving everything from very old friends, vanishing artists, upsetting family secrets, professional athletes, and that ephemeral new-old serial killer, Brennan and Booth will also be confronted with how their … Continue reading

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