#Backstrom Season 1 Archive

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Backstrom is the love child of Bones Creator Hart Hanson and criminologist and international best-selling novelist Lief Persson. Persson is the Kathy Reichs of criminologists so this was a natural fit for Hanson, a fit further confirmed by the masterful product the two men have delivered this past prime time season. The moment the news of this creative marriage broke I made a plaintive bid to my editors to give me the assignment. Thankfully, BuddyTV gave ther blessing and the rest is history.

These are the recaps and articles from season 1, hopefully soon to be added to by more from season 2.

Ep 13 Recap “Rock Bottom” Does Backstrom Find Resolution at Rock Bottom?
Ep 12 Recap “Cork Screwed” Backstrom Gets His Cork Unscrewed
Ep 11 Recap “I Like to Watch” Backstrom Tells Val to Go Fly a Kite
Ep 10 Recap “Love is a Rose and You Better Not Pick It” Backstrom Has Breast Issues
Ep 9 Recap “Inescapable Truth” Backstrom Learns the Shocking Truth About Valentine
Ep 8 Recap “Give ‘Til It Hurts” Has Backstrom Sunk to a New Low?
Ep 7 Recap “Enemy Of My Enemies” Backstrom Attempts to Slay His Father
Ep 6 Recap “Ancient Chinese Secret” Backstrom Learns What His Future Holds
Ep 5 Recap “Bogeyman” Can Backstrom Outrun the Bogeyman?
Ep 4 Recap “I Am A Bird Now” Is Backstrom’s Career Over?
Ep 3 Recap “Takes One To Know One” Backstrom is a Dead Man Walking
Ep 2 Recap “Bella” Backstrom Faces His Childhood Foes
Pilot Recap “Dragon Slayer” Does Backstrom Sink or Sail?
Backstrom Preseason Teaser 5 Reasons You’re Going to Love Backstrom


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  1. I hope #Backstrom gets renewed!


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