#BONES Fiction Reviews for ‘The When and the How: A Bone to Pick’


 If you like a fast pace, lots of detail, an intriguing case, and lots of PG-13 fluff, you will enjoy The When and the How: A Bone to Pick. But don’t take my word for it. Read what others are saying …


“Wow, I have to say you have an AMAZING story going here. The issues addressed are REAL and I can imagine would be problematic for our duo. I love the support they give one another when the other is down, it does seem strange that this has all happened within a week, but I think it has festered for long enough that it is time to let it out as it is necessary for a healthy long relationship that B&B deserve. Keep up the wonderful work and please, please, please update soon.”
~ AFairy88
“I am new to fan fiction as of 2 days ago. OH. MY. GOD! I love this story. I am so hooked. I can’t stop reading. You have tapped into everything I love about B&B. You’ve opened a window into what their private life could be like and  200+ chapters isn’t enough ~ I don’t want it to end!”
~ CraftyjHawk
“TWATH:AB2P’ is the secret that every Bones lover deserves to be let in on.
It’s the unfolding story that will make you laugh and cry
and everything in between,  especially think and feel.”
~ Caracoleta07
I love chapter 6, you had me hook line and sinker.
Those scenes were playing so vividly in my head, classic
Bones and Booth. Those looks, that eye contact sighhhhhh
and I laughed out loud a lot.
~ Cindy
This the first fan-fic I have ever read, and I am enjoying it so much.
I can’t stop reading, the chapter on Vincent-Nigel Murray made me cry.
This is all very well written, you do an amazing job!
~ Vonnie
OMG! You are masterful at keeping
the suspense,
 tension and intrigue going … :))
~ Travellady66
I am so totally fascinated by your FanFiction!
I cannot take my eyes off these pages. Not getting much
done but totally feeding my Brennan & Booth addiction!
~ Marge

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ABOUT The When and the How: A Bone to Pick: This is a complete work of rough draft-quality fiction. The writer has absolutely no ownership of the characters from Bones or the storyline that has captivated America on FOX. This is my imagined version of what could have happened after Vincent Nigel-Murray is killed, but before the “I’m pregnant; You’re the father” announcement.

The WHEN refers to when, exactly, Booth and Brennan became a romantic couple. The HOW refers to what they went through to get to that point. A BONE TO PICK refers to the absorbing case they get wrapped up in during which the metamorphosis occurs.


About Catherine Cabanela

BuddyTV Writer with an MBA in marketing and an undergraduate in writing and foreign language, I spend my time writing, tweeting, aggressively pursuing new social media strategies, writing, co-parenting twins with my husband, and reading everything I can get my hands on. All at the same time. Oh, and writing. Former ScreenSpy Critic for Bones, Revenge, Covert Affairs, and Motive. Fiction: "The When and the How: A Bone To Pick" http://bit.ly/BONESFic
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