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1. No Thank You

Do NOT eat during the opening scene. Even the coyotes on set ralphed (spewed, tossed their cookies, puked … take your pick) when they got close to this week’s remains. Oh, and there’s mutilated genitalia in this episode, but not as bad as the shredded crotch of the sperm-donor in “The Dude in the Dam.”

2. Brennan Abuses her Authority …

… in a way we haven’t seen her do in quite some time. Afterwards, and not knowing what else to do, she confesses to Cam, who won’t do anything about it. And neither would she, under the circumstances.

3. Everyone’s an artist!

The artwork of Angela and Booth, side by side, is featured on a mobile billboard of sorts. No lie. Enjoy, and wouldn’t it be great if the Flyers accepted mermaids on their team?

4. The victim’s Bones Aren’t the Only Ones Being Investigated

Wendell fractured his arm playing Hockey with Booth, but Brennan suspects there’s more to the story. When her suspicions are confirmed, Wendell has some tough decisions to make which will impact everyone in ways they’ve yet to experience as a team. Though the situation isn’t fully remedied in one episode, there is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, but will a glimmer be enough?
5. Country Music Makes You Stupid. NOT!

A main character surprisingly reveals a vast knowledge of country music as a result of being raised on a steady diet of the Grand Ole Opry. Can’t you just hear one of the team saying, “_____, you are a constant surprise.”
6. I’d like to Make a Toast …

… to several of Booth’s classically emotive moments. When he learns of Brennan’s rule-breaking and then of her suspicions about Wendell, Booth is shaken. What does Booth do in situations like these? He leans on his faith, looks for the best possible outcome, and speaks from the heart to the people he cares most about. Brennan and Wendell are the recipients of his counsel in this episode, but the circle is bound to widen when the truth comes out to the rest of the team.

7. Can I Have This Dance?

You guessed it. Brennan and Booth show off their mad dancing skills once again and it looks like they’ve finally found their groove! Country music guest star Charlie Worsham has some great tunes peppered throughout the episode. The lyrics for one of them provides a perfect title for our ScreenSpy review of “Big in the Philippines” next week. Can you guess which one?

8. The Gold in the Partnership

Perhaps the coolest aspect of this episode is what’s now required of Booth and Brennan as a married couple, as friends, and as colleagues. In “Big in the Philippines” they find themselves in a frightening situation but are able to face each other tenderly, leaning on one another despite her logic and his hopeful romanticism. You’ve come a long way, baby.

9. Bonus Round – Is your Bones knowledge up to a challenge?

This is the seventh episode directed by someone very special to the Bones crew. The previous works resulted in some of the highest rated Bones episodes yet. Can you guess the name of the guest director and the episode titles? As a clue, words from each episode are included in this silly sentence: In sum of the present siege, if a blizzard of bullet fragments lodge in parts of your brain or cervical bones, you may blackout and risk big danger of losing past secrets … from the Philippines.

Catch Bones “Big in the Philippines” on Friday, January 17th at 8:00-9:00 pm ET/PT on FOX.



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One Response to #Bones Teaser: ‘Big in the Philippines’

  1. SR Dewees says:

    I can see why this episode was rated so high. I will always agree that BONES is the best of the best and also rated #1 in our home. Although When I watched this episode, I was confused with one of the ‘extras’ in this episode..I took the liberty of researching the and became more confused! I know for a fact that this comment is ‘unconventional’, but I can’t explain my thoughts and research in greater detail.. I have watched this episode over and over again and find myself fast forwarding thru the part that the ‘extra’ plays in..I have ‘never’ done this before! I wonder if I’m the only one? Seriously! I should say I expect Brennan’s actions and comments to be out of the and not sure that we will ever see a complete change but would love to see her grow ‘for the better’!


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