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SlideShow: The 15 Most Reprehensible ‘Scandal’ Characters We Love to Hate
Op-Ed: ‘Scandal’ Season 3: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Ugly, Ugly

Season 1
Editorial: 9 Things We Will Miss Most about CW’s ‘The Tomorrow People’
Episode 22 “Son of Man” Recap: Jed’s Nature is Finally Revealed
Episode 21 “Kill Switch”Recap: Bathory and Jedikiah Both Get Their Hearts’ Desires
Episode 20 “A Sort of Homecoming” Recap: The Homecoming King Resurrected
Episode 19 “Modus Vivendi” Recap: The Ceasefire That Wasn’t
Episode 18 “Smoke and Mirrors” Recap: Stephen Becomes a Time Lord
Op-Ed & Poll: Who’s the Perfect Match for Stephen: Cara, Astrid or Hillary?
Episode 17 “Endgame” Recap: Your Powers Are Strong But Your Humanity Will Save Us
Editorial: ‘The Tomorrow People’ Mystery: Who is the Real Jedikiah?

Season 2
Episode 21 “City of Blood” Recap: Oliver Makes a Hero’s Choice
Episode 2o “Seeing Red” Recap:’Arrow’ Recap: Roy Rage and Mirakuru Madness Reach the Point of No Return 



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BuddyTV Writer with an MBA in marketing and an undergraduate in writing and foreign language, I spend my time writing, tweeting, aggressively pursuing new social media strategies, writing, co-parenting twins with my husband, and reading everything I can get my hands on. All at the same time. Oh, and writing. Former ScreenSpy Critic for Bones, Revenge, Covert Affairs, and Motive. Fiction: "The When and the How: A Bone To Pick" http://bit.ly/BONESFic
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