#Bones Review: Brennan Lets Loose in “The Mystery in the Meat”

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Mystery Meat Image Review

The Rest of the ReviewDeschanel proved she has the chops to deliver outrageous physical comedy with the best of them … and look damn gorgeous doing it. This is a rare opportunity for Deschanel (the comedy, not the gorgeousness) whose character is hyper-rational and overtly self-possessed 99.9% of the time.

Sure, the inebriated anthropologist lectured her mountainous dancing partner about the effectiveness of hair-tossing and pelvic thrusting during the mating ritual of dance, but she did it while cutting lose and showing the most leg we’ve seen since she wore her Wonder Woman Halloween costume a very long, long time ago.

Some may find inebriated Brennan a little hard to swallow, but what kept this particular portrayal credible was that she didn’t go overboard. She didn’t make out with strangers, or accept the offer of a joy ride on a Harley with one of the Hell’s Angels, or wind up on her knees praying to the porcelain gods. However, in true Brennan fashion, she condescended to the wrong person and initiated a bar room brawl that required Booth’s interference to keep her out of jail. Pretty reasonable, in my book.

Hodgins & Oliver

Oliver and Hodgins learn they’d just filled their mouths with bacon-flavored sexual lubricant.

The other boisterously hilarious segment in this Bones episode involved Drs. Oliver Wells and Jack Hodgins gulping mouthfuls of sample foods from the victim’s test kitchen only to learn they were ingesting Hot Bacon Sexual Lubricant. Enough said.

So, if the comedic nature of this crime procedural is what brings you back time and again, “The Mystery in the Meat” will most likely end up in your top five favorite Bones episodes.

Having two rotating squinterns in the lab at the same time served to further display the more likable sides of both Daisy and Oliver. In stark contrast to her obnoxious insecurity in “The Fury in the Jury,” Daisy seemed more competitive than lacking in confidence. Daisy (Carla Gallo) and Oliver (Brian Klugman) sparred verbally and intelligently, sanding down their abrasive natures and rendering them sympathetic. One wonders if there may a romance in the future between these two brainiacs?

A theme throughout, and the vehicle through which the bachelorette party is introduced, is the residual discord between Booth and Angela which began with Booth’s unexplained proposal jilt. To spare Booth’s feelings, Brennan turned down the offer of a girls night out with booze and flirting and dancing and more booze. Booth feared he’d come between his wife and her best friend, and encouraged her to go out with Angela.

What felt contrived was Angela’s insecurity with Brennan. We have seen no evidence that their relationship has suffered as a result of Brennan’s married status. The revelation of Pelant’s interference in the B&B relationship should have gone far to mend fences between Angela and Booth. The wedding seemed to go off without any disharmony between the two, so where is this coming from?

Booth and Ange

After several episodes of discord, Booth recognizes that all that matters is that they both put Brennan’s happiness first.

By the end of the episode, Angela went to Booth’s office and apologized. “I’ve said some things,” she confesses. Perhaps 93% of her offenses were off screen? The apology and the forgiveness ring true, but it still doesn’t explain the contrived insecurity. Angela used to be the perfect girl with the perfect relationship. Lately, she seems to be an schizophrenic catalyst for disjointed purposes. What gives, people? #ThatIsAll

No mention in this episode of Cam’s pursuit of her old college roommate, Haley Kent, who Cam now knows stole her identity. That’s fine; these things take time. There was, however, mention of Hodgins’ missing millions, but no discussion of efforts to regain it. We do learn that the hot sauce he and squintern Finn Abernathy (Luke Kleintank) have begun to market has sold 10,000 cases so far, tying up a loose end that’s been dangling since last season.

Woven between the moments of hilarity was the fairly decent case of human remains found cut, marinated, and canned as Kettletop Stew, and sold to a high school cafeteria by Tryon Foods. The victim, Howard Compton, a chemist-biologist-psycophysicist and food scientist, had been killed, stripped, and thrown into the meat processor, then highly seasoned before being sent off to school lunch.

It could easily have been Compton’s fembott business partner, Agatha Blume (Jen Drohan) who designed the marinade injector murder weapon and stood to lose a lot of money if their business failed. It could have been Susan Lauderbach (Alyson Reed) the research and development specialist who would be overlooked if Compton had accepted the job offer from the company’s CEO.

It could have been Raymond “Married Love, Not Porn’ McCants (Rizwan Manji) the disgruntled distributor of Hot Bacon Sexual Lubricant who sent threatening emails to Compton when product deliveries were late. And it could have been Evelyn Cheevers (Jodi Harris) a cusader for the coalition for chemical-free farming who had slashed Compton’s tires, then become allies with him.

When Brennan found an equine bone amid the human remains, it became clear that horse meat was being put into the ‘beef’ stew. In the end, it was Tyron Foods CEO, Sam Gifford (John Posey) who plunged the marinade injector into Compton’s subclavian artery. His motive? Compton was going to expose Gifford for substituting the less expensive Mexican-sourced horse meat for beef in their stew.

#39 Bathtub

Last, but not least in “The Mystery in the Meat” was Booth’s love changes everything outlook on married life, and the delightful conversation they shared as she lay inebriated on the couch about to fall asleep. Also fantastic was their final conversation about the platonic nature of best friends, resulting in Booth’s declaration that he’s more like her ‘sexual puppy dog’ than a friend. Awesomesauce, people. A classic Booth and Bones moment right there.

The next all-new Bones airs on Friday, December 6th (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. In ”The Spark in the Park,” the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a nationally ranked gymnast who was leading a double life, and Cam confronts the woman who stole her identity. Guest starring Richard Schiff and gymnast McKayla Maroney.

“The Spark in the Park” airs Friday, Dec. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.


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  1. SR Dewees says:

    While ‘observing’ @BONES episodes, I seriously don’t understand how Brennan can discuss her and Booths sex life with Angela, friends or not.. Umm,..It might be my age, but that’s a part of a relationship that should remain trusting & respectful.. I do know.. I would never forgive my better half if he EVER did that, and surviving our ‘each other’ would be an effort! On the other hand, Don’t get my wrong!!!! I Love my @BONES and love the reviews, they are always ‘right on the money’. To me its just weird “_”


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